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Linux Server
Apache Web Server
MySQL 4.1 or greater
PHP 5.2 (mod_php/CGI)
support for GD2 Library
support for Curl

PHP configuration:
– post_max_size (maximum video upload size)
– upload_max_size (maximum video upload size)
– shell_exec should be allowed
– sh should be allowed
– ps, kill and nohup commands should be allowed
– mod_rewrite enabled
– safe_mode off
– open_basedir off
– max_execution_time 7200
– max_input_time 7200
– ffmpeg-php extension should be installed (works with video thumbs, duration, etc.)

ffmpeg should be installed
flvtool2 should be installed

PHP CLI 5.2 (see above)

Zend Optimizer 3.3.0 or greater
Cronjobs/scheduler support (for email alerts)