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Here you can edit names of the fields in registration form and answer variants.

This page shows you a list of fields your users see during registration.

Edit field’s name itself

You can click a link to edit its name.

Then use buttons Save/Delete to save or delete the field. Use “Back” button to skip saving and come back to a list of questions.

Editing answer variants

Click “options” button to edit answer variants for a certain field and you’ll see all answers.
Press “Delete” button to delete an answer variant, click the answer’s link to edit its name.

Adding new answer variant

To add a new option, click “Add” button and add new text. Save.

Translating fields names and answer variants into site languages

To translate texts, please choose language name in a main drop down for administration panel and then you’ll see all texts in a different language (if available) or will be able to edit=translate texts. Same applies to answer variants for each field.

If you add a new language, you’ll be able to make translating here as well, simply by switching on the language in main drop down and then editing all fields you have.