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Below is the user panel of the Roommate Finder Solution. This is the page your site visitors see. Here they can add their listings and search for suitable roommates.
Quick search provides realty listings according to given details shortly. Everyone who rents or leases will find necessary information.
If smb is looking for rentals he should choose this option in drop-down menu, and then indicate his criteria for desired place to live. “Rentals” section means that he’s going to rent alone, and if “Roommates and Friends” section is chosen in search criteria then he’ll find those who are going to share the home.
When smb specifies that he’s providing rentals should choose this option in drop-down menu. Here he can indicate if roommates are possible or not.
It is possible to choose certain country, region, and city in search criteria. There is also an option to indicate desired move date and sort listings with photos only.
Profiles that match specified search criteria can be sorted by registration date, login, last login date, and move-in date. Click member name to learn more information about the listing author, his rental description, and preferences.
Once you are a registered site member you can easily add this certain author to the hotlist or blacklist, show interest in this author, contact him, and even complain about the author to administrator.