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‘Logotype Settings’ section allows site administrator to manage site logotype and slogan images.

To change site logotype/slogan, browse for the necessary image that should be displayed as logotype, enter alternative text that will displayed when mouse is moved on the logo and click ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.

Note: new logo and slogan images should be of the same size:

192px x 38px – for the logo (main)
89px x 68px – for the logo (on the main page of registered members)
403px x 15px – for the slogan

For each language version it is possible to create unique logotype settings. Choose language version in a drop-down menu at the right top corner of the page and you will get a form to modify logotype settings for the selected language version.

It is possible to restore default logotype and slogan images click the button ‘Set’ below “Default Settings’ title.