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To monetize your site you can use any of pre-integreated paid services. This will allow you to charge your users for services provided by your company.

Featured section

Featured section is located on site front page. It helps users to promote their listings on the most viewed page and administrator to earn money.

Highlighting in search

All listings are displayed in an ordinary style in search results and on categories page. This lends some uniformity. Graphical display of a listing title makes it look brighter and outstanding.

Lift up in search

This is the best way of making a listing higher in search results. The service will bring more leads to a car listing and help a user to sell it faster. Such a listing won’t stay unnoticed. It will be always on top of search results, if no one pays to get a top position.

Leader (Model)

“Highlighting by Model” option means that your listing photo and text description are placed simultaneously on main site pages. The listing becomes a leader, when a new payment is heigher than a payment sent by a current leader. There will appear a crown icon next to the listing photo in search results, in saved listings and in “My vehicles” section. It will make the listing stand out in the full list of vehicles. Make the listing stick out today!

Paid services can be enabled, disabled and edited.

Beside paid services you can limit your users on period of adding and viewing the listings and number of listings added. There are several packages that can simplify the work with users and their listings. You can set a certain limitation for different groups so users will need to choose the package before working with the site.

Free package

This is the default package that goes with the site, your users get into the free group automatically and are limited according to the settings of it. Administration panel allows you to set period (in hours), number of photos uploaded and price. By default it’s free of charge.

Enhanced package

This package allows your users enjoy working with the site and adding listings for longer period of time and upload more images to the listings so they can rotate at the site pages. The price is higher of course. Though you are able to set it up according to your wishes and requirements.

Deluxe package

Deluxe package is the most expensive package at the site at the moment, you can charge your users for this service if you know that they will spend much time on the Auto Management Site.

Paid packages can be enabled/disabled, edited or removed.


You can add a new paid service to the site. Fill in the service name, description, define price and period.