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This is an instruction on how to update the Real Estate 2014.09 version to the Real Estate 2015.10 version using the automated update script.

1. First of all, back up all site files and the site database.

2. Contact Support team and they will generate your personal download link to download the update script archive.

3. Download the archive with the update script and decompress it.

4. Go to the administration panel of your site > Modules installation > Panel settings (/admin/install/installer_settings) and make sure that FTP access info is inserted there. It will make automatic file transfer possible.

5. Connect to the server where your site files are stored. Upload the files and directories of the upgrade script into the root directory of your site, overwriting the older files with the newer files when prompted.

6. Check to make sure that the following files have writable permissions (CHMOD 777):


7. Now we are ready to start the actual update process. Log back in the administration panel of your website. Go to ‘Modules installation’. You will be asked for additional login and password that are stored in file /application/config/install.php on your server, lines 4 and 5:

Updating_RE_2014.09_to_2015.10_11.jpgThen you will get to the page /admin/install/modules. In the left-hand menu, select ‘Enable product updates’ (page /admin/install/product_updates) and click ‘Install’.


The process will run automatically so you will only need to click ‘Finish’ when it ends a couple of minutes later.




Clear browser cache.

8. It is possible that some settings were overwritten or set back to default during the update, so please check the following as well:
-copyright info
-banner groups names
-colour scheme / design theme
-.htaccess file settings
-robots.txt file
-info pages (articles)
-default currency settings
-admin panel menu
-media albums names

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.