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‘My ads area’ section is the place where administrator can manage his account info and manage ‘Sponsored Ads’:

1. My account info:

‘My account info’ is the place where administrator can modify his login/password, email, name and surname. Once you are through, click ‘Save’ button to save changes applied.


‘Sponsored ads’ is the section for Sponsored Ads management. Sponsored ads represent a separate group which ads are marked with a special icon on the site. When entering ‘Sponsored ads’ you get a list of listings that were selected to be sponsored:


Sponsored ads are categorized by type whether ads are from ‘Roommates’ section or ‘Rentals’ one.
Clicking the links at the top, you can choose what type of sponsored ads should be displayed.

To remove an ad from the list of Sponsored, click ‘Remove’ button. This will remove the ad from the list of Sponsored only, it will not remove the ad completely.

You can also manage status of a Sponsored Ad here. If you remove a mark in the field ‘Make sponsored’, the ad will be displayed as an ordinary one.

There is a possibility to change order of Sponsored Ads display using “arrows” to the left of each listing. The higher position you choose – the higher the ad will be displayed.

Note: you can’t change the position of the ad without a mark in the field “Make sponsored”.

Note: Ads marked as “inactive” won’t be displayed in the list of sponsored ones.

To add ads to a list of sponsored ones click ‘Make an ad sponsored” link. You will get a list of your site members with their ads.

Then find the member whose ad (s) should be made sponsored. You can search for the member by name, second name or email. After that click ‘Choose for display’ button in the field ‘ads’ of the selected member. You will get a page with listings of the member. Mark those ads that should be made sponsored and click ‘Save’. Now you made selected ads Sponsored.