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Services area contains information about paid site features. Every member can Lift up any of his listings in search, select ad in search or select ad in region. These tools will allow your members to find or provide suitable rentals shortly.

“Lift up ad in search”
Lift up in search option will lift chosen listing on the top of the search on certain search criteria (I provide rentals or I’m looking for rentals only) and will make it starred. Once another member has lift up his ad yours one will be taken one position down, but star will be with your listing forever.

“Select is search”
If you have a number of photos for the certain rentals you will be able to make a slide show with these photos for one day. “Select in search” option will make up one flash file with all photos available for listing and will make your ad more attractive.

“Select ad in region”
This service is a kind of auction and will make your ad first in search results for the specified region independently on search criteria (provide or look for rentals).To switch on this option you should
specify certain listing, indicate how many rates you would like to make, indicate greeting into a form below and press “Rate!” button. The amount you indicated will be taken off from your account every

Add into Account
To use one of mentioned services a member should have some amount on his internal account. “Add to account” link can be used to add more funds to the account. A member should specify certain sum he wants to add and choose suitable payment gateway. Paypal, CCBill and ChronoPay
payment gateways are available on the site now.

Payments History
All site payments history is collected at one place. Member can check complete list of his entries and funds spent on the site with all dates, sums, and payment names.