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‘Users list’ section displays the list of all site members.


Administrator can sort members by name, email, registration date, last authorization on site, funds spent etc. It is also possible to search for a necessary member by name, surname or email using a search form available.

To view member’s profile, click on the name of the member. You’ll get a page with member’s profile information with the possibility to edit it and save changes applied.

Administrator can view Ads submitted by a selected member. To do that, administrator should click ‘View’ button in the ‘Rentals’ or ‘Roommate’ table of the necessary member.

You can disable members of the service. To do that, just remove the mark in the field ‘Access’ for the selected member. There is also a possibility to remove a member completely, clicking on ‘Remove’ button.

‘Spent funds’ table displays amount of funds spent by a member.