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Notifications sent from your site to site members are managed here.

Fill in your SMTP server details in “Settings” tab: charset, mail protocol, mail path, SMTP access information, “From” field name and email address.


Edit notification properties in “Notifications” tab: keyword, name in all site languages, default template and send type.


Edit notifications content and language in “Templates” tab. You can add new variable if necessary.


Global variables:

[site_url] – site url;
[domain] – your site domain name;
[mail_from] – “From” email address indicated in “Settings” tab;
[name_from] – “From” name indicated in “Settings” tab;
[current_date] – current date;
[current_time] – current time.

Variables available for a certain notification:

[password] – user password;
[email] – user email address;
[fname] – user first name;
[sname] – user last name (surname);
[nickname] – user nickname;
[confirm_block] – registration confirmation url;
[account] – user account balance;
[user_name] – user name from “Contact us” form;
[user_email] – user email address from “Contact us” form;
[subject] – “Contact us” form subject;
[message] – “Contact us” form message;
[reason] – reason or department from “Contact us”;
[form_date] – date when “Contact us” form is filled in.