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“Settings” tab shows what kind of uploads are available: banners and various logotypes (vehicle, bodystyle, catalogue, make, user, news and rss).


Click “Structure” icon to edit an icon size. This is a list of sizes available for user logotype. Click “Edit” to edit properties.


You can change size (width and height), choose resize type, enable watermark and effects.

Difference between resize types:

Fix size; select bg color – original image will be proportionally made smaller to fit the thumb size. Empty spaces around the image will be filled with selected colour;

Crop – image is made smaller and cropped, to fit the thumb size exactly;

Extend image to fix sizes – image is made smaller without keeping proportions. As a result you have a distorted image of the required size;

Resize image – image is resized proportionally as in point 1, however no colour is used as filler. The resulting image is of a non-standard size.

Changes only apply to newly uploaded images.


Here are watermark settings. You can create text or image watermark. Press “Add watermark”.


Below is an image watermark. You can edit image position, upload image and edit its opacity.


Text image – fill in watermark text, choose font type, color, size, shadow distance and color.