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Types of closing costs which can be set by you. After you have them set, they will be displayed at User area at Closing costs page.
Closing costs, such as mortgage fees, title insurance or appraisal fees, associated with the purchase of a home that must be paid at the sale closing.

New cost adding
Admin can create a new cost by clicking “Add new cost” button at the top table. It will go to a first step naming a cost.
The next step is to create attributes – just click the name of the cost and a page with the following content will appear:

  • up-front fees
  • closing costs
  • per diem interest
  • property tax
  • homeowner’s insurance escrows.

This information can be easily edited, saved and deleted and is viewed by the customer in the user page.

Cost priorities changing
Change the priorities in the table (change the numbers) and save it by pressing the “Change priorities” button. This will let you decide yourself the order of closing costs.