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If you want to offer visitors to your web site a way to sign up to your mailing list, you can create a subscription form in the system to add to your site. You will need to have a little experience with HTML to add the form to your web site.
To get started, click the “Manage Forms” link under the menu section ‘Forms’. This will take you to the page for managing your subscription and unsubscription forms. Website forms are special forms that you can create. You can create website forms to accept subscribers or for someone to unsubscribe.
Click the “Create Form” button to create a form. 
Fill in the fields of the form: type in a form name and make sure you choose the “Subscription” option from the “Form Type” drop-down, choose whether subscribers will have to confirm their subscription by clicking the link sent to them by email or not; whether ‘thank you’ message will be sent to them after subscription, if security code will be used and the lists they will be able to subscribe to. Enter the content of the confirmation email and ‘thank you’ message. When you are done, click the “Save” button.
Once you’ve created your form you’ll be taken back to the “Manage Forms” page. Simply click the “Get HTML” link next to your new form and paste that code into your website to add the subscription form to your site.
If you decide to use some custom fields in your forms, you will need to create them. To do that, go to the section ‘Forms’ > ‘Custom Form Fields’. The page lists all the custom form fields created. To add a new one, click ‘Add attribute’.
Enter the name of the new custom field, choose whether it will be obligatory to fill it while subscribing, and choose type of the field and its values, if necessary. Click ‘Save’ to save new form field. To add new custom form field to your form, you should now go to ‘Manage Forms’ section and click ‘Edit form fields’ against the necessary form. You will get a page that will list on the left current custom fields on the form and other available custom fields on the right. To add a custom field to a form, drag-and-drop it from right column to the left one.