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Before sending your email campaign, you will need to set some basic settings that will be applied to all your newsletters. Go to “Settings” > “General Settings” section.

There you will need to set the following:

Quotes for the number of newsletters sent from SMTP server – As a rule, SMTP-server has restrictions to the number of newsletters sent at once. That`s why it`s necessary to send newsletters in portions with some time breaks between sending periods to send a letter to a large amount of subscribers. Please, set here the number of newsletters sent at once. If quotas are not used, insert 0 here.
From name/From email addresses which will be used in newsletters sent to identify who newsletter was received from and from what email address.
Test email which will be used for delivering test newsletters to.
There are also other settings such as type of dispatch, date format, enabling/disabling bounce handling and other. Once you are through with indicating these settings, you will need to set SMTP server info that will be used for sending out newsletters. Go to Settings’ > ‘SMTP Servers’ section. There you will see a list of SMTP servers used. “Priority” shows sequence of its use from the very beginning. Principle is the following: system will use smtp server with priority ‘1’ for sending newsletters, then it will connect automatically to next server from the list, in case of server connection failure while newsletter delivery.

Now when all the necessary settings are ready, you can send your newsletter. Go to ‘Manage Newsletters’ Section where you will see a list of your newsletters. Next to the Newsletter we created you will see the “Send” Button. Click it, when the new page loads, choose the mailing list you want to send your campaign to. Finally, click “Continue” to send the email campaign to your subscribers.
Congratulations, you’ve just created and sent your first email campaign!