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How does the Real Estate Bundle work?

If you decide to go with the Real Estate Bundle option, this is how it will work.

1. You pick the Bundle components that meet your needs and requirements, for example, your CRM of choice. We build all the components together.

2. Then, we create a Trello board with you as the Customer and your account manager as the Executive. This board will be the focal point where all the tasks, work progress, assignees, and timeframes will be administered.

PG Real Estate Bundle

3. All new requests and queries go straight to the ‘IDEAS’ list. This is where the account manager indicates the cost and approximate delivery date.

PG Real Estate Bundle

4. You sort the ideas and move them to the ‘TO DO’ list. The account manager assigns the team members who will be performing the work.

5. Our team works on the requested ideas on the ‘DOING’ list. You can control the progress by simply visiting the board. After the request is done, the idea card is transferred to the ‘REVIEW’ list for you to inspect the result. Once it’s confirmed, the card is moved to the ‘DONE’ list.

6. What you get is free estimations for all new ideas, a monitored process without long and confusing chains of emails and the Expert team that helps you sort the ideas to increase the sales revenue.

TIPS: Trello boards are one of the most popular and functionally useful tools in project management. They are helpful in the real estate business as well in the other business spheres.