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Question: I already own the Realty script and would like to purchase the Portal Script with the Social script… how much is this purchase going to cost since I dont have to purchase the realty script?

Answer: Yes you can get Portal Script without PG Real Estate Portal Section, if you have Realty script already. You can check pricing here: http://www.pgwebportal.co­m/pricing.php, just choose sections you need for PG Portal Pro, at the last step the total price will be counted automatically.

If you want to add your own Realty script (your current one) to our PG Portal Pro, please refer to our support stuff for help. If that’s our PG Realty Pro software, you will have to transfer you database into Portal database. This can be done for extra charge. The price depends on the size of database you have now. Our support managers will be able to provide you correct estimation. We’ll also have to check your version of Realty pro script so it’s compatible with Portal Pro.