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With help of this module Administrator can be informed about users’ opinion about passed courses. Students will leave their feedback to let Admin improve quality of courses information etc.
Poll module is displayed in the Admin Panel Modules Management.
Poll list
The Administrator can check the list of existing polls, check the statistics on every poll, edit and remove them.
1) To edit the course you need to click the name link of the Poll;
2) To check the statistics you need to click the icons in the table “Stats”, there is statistics on comments and more detailed statistics on number of votes for every question in poll etc;
3) To delete the poll you need to click the “Delete” button.
Create a new poll
This section allows Administrator to set a question for a poll and add any answers to it.
There can be any number of answers that will show a wide range of users’ opinions. So the Administrator could serve the students better and provide with more desired services and information.
Administrator can set a specific color for every answer that will be shown in the poll results, it can be set up in the same section:
Administrator can also change settings for every single poll like status (enabled, disabled, hidden), expiration date, comments permission.
General Settings
This section is of great help when setting up a language for a poll, IP or user name chacking.
In this section you can edit your poll question page (Poll view), poll results page (Poll results), poll comments (Comment). The template files are divided into head, loop, foot.
There is a powerful management menu that can be used in order to change, just view or create a template.
1) Click “Preview” link to view a template;
2) Click “Delete” to remove a template;
3) Click “New template set” to create a template.
“Poll view”, “poll result” and “comment” links are responsible for displaying an html code for a specific page.