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1. Functionality

1.1. Function

The module provides an option for site guests to contact registered users (listing providers). It depends on module settings how contact forms from guests are sent to registered users:

– without any moderation;

– only after approval;

– without moderation but with copies kept in admin panel.

1.2. Admin mode

Site administrator manages the module settings and contact messages (if there are any).

The module supports the following settings:

– keep copies in admin panel;

– require approval.

When ‘keep copies in admin panel’ setting is enabled, you see a list of contact forms divided into two tabs: all and unread. The list includes a status icon, message text, sender name, date and actions. The actions are:

– view

– delete

– send (if it hasn’t been sent yet).

Unread contact forms are highlighted in bold. Press ‘View’ icon to view the details, the form will be marked read right after it.

‘Approve’ and ‘Decline’ icons are displayed next to contact forms that require approval. You can also send and delete contact forms.

Besides, admin dashboard has a section with statistics in guest contact forms: total number of contact forms, unread and requiring approval.

1.3. User mode

The real estate site may have a form to contact site users (listing providers). The following fields are available: name, phone number, email address, message and CAPTCHA. The form message is checked for bad words with the help of moderation module and badwords file in it.

AJAX query is sent to a relevant method of controller after ‘Send’ button is pressed. Depending on the module settings, the method sends the form, sends and keeps a copy in admin panel or keeps and requires approval. The result is either an error associated with empty fields or a notification about successfully sent form.

1.4. Related modules

The module uses the functionality of the following related modules:

  • notifications — email notifications;
  • moderation — badwords check;
  • ausers — permissions of site moderators.

1.5. Functionality related to other modules

The module implements a helper, which displays the contact form. The helper gets ID of a user who should receive the contact form.

1.6. Specific functionality

No specific functionality.


2. Implementation

2.5. API

The module API class supports one method:

public function api_send_message();

Sends messages to registered users. The method receives user ID, message and sender details. If incoming data is validated successfully, the email with sender message is sent to user email address. In other way, validation errors are displayed.

POST parameters:

$user_id integer — user id

$sender string — sender name

$phone string — sender phone number

$email string — sender email

$message string — message

$code string — CAPTCHA