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Banner module

Banner creation

Add banner – this section allows site administrator to add new banners on the site from admin mode.

  1. Click on “Add banner” link to add a new banner.
  2. Specify banner name, type, location and status to add a banner. When adding an image based banner we recommend uploading an image with specified sizes (728*90 for the Bottom banner or 200*80 for the left banner). Otherwise the image will be resized.
  3. Don’t forget to click on “Save” button to apply the changes.

Banners list

In this section you can easily manage all banners on your site. The list of existing banners allows you changing banners’ status, preview them, change their place, size and limitations. You can also view statistics, edit or remove banners.
Sort banners by Admin and Users banners or view all of them.
View detailed statistics and make necessary edition quickly. Don’t forget to click on “Save” button to apply the changes.

Members’ banners

This section allows you managing all the uploaded banners from your site users that are waiting for manual approval.

  1. To approve uploaded banner- click on the active link “Approve” and confirm it.
  2. You can easily decline any uploaded banner , that doesn’t satisfy your site content
  3. To Edit uploaded banner – click on the active link “Edit” and make necessary editions easily. Don’t forget to save your actions, by clicking on «Save button»
  4. To delete any banner from the site, just click on the active link “Remove”.

Banners settings

This section allows to set up prices for users’ banners and rotation settings.

  1. Set the appropriate price for the usage of banners on different pages of the site.
  2. Set the rotation time for bottom, left.

Click on “Save” button to save the changes applied.