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How to move your real estate website to a new server

1 – copy script files onto your local PC or archive them to later extract them in the new server;
2 – make database dump using phpMyAdmin tool (or in any other way);
3 – transfer files onto the new server (binary transfer mode recommended);
4 – give access permissions to files and folders, same as permissions on the old server (list of files and folders is given in the process of initial installation);
5 – create a new database on your new hosting;
6 – import your database dump into it;
7 – in the configuration file (as a rule, the path is /include/config.php) change paths to files and insert new database access details;
8 – set up cronjobs.

Please make sure your new server meets all system requirements. We will not be held responsible for server setup errors, insufficient system resources etc.
Our team can help you transfer the site from one server to another for a fixed price of $160.