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Flashcoms video chat and messenger are part of Audio/Video Chatting package module.

How to order

Place your order in the Dating Pro Marketplace or contact us in live chat.


Flashcoms community Video Chat

It is a feature-rich, award winning, turnkey flash chat application that enables real-time text/audio/video communication for your web site users. Cutting-edge functionality, full integration with existing users’ database, handy plugins (whiteboard, IM gateway, online games, MP3 player), advanced administration and moderation make Community chat the ideal solution for dating, community, entertainment and social networking web sites.

-Login and DB integration – Cross-platform chat solution, no software installation required!

-Multilingual support (translation into ANY language)

-Integrated friends / block list – Impeccable video / audio quality with adjustable settings.

-Text, audio and video solution

-UNLIMITED number of rooms and users

-Integrated Whiteboard – IM gateway (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ)

-Built-in MP3 player

-Private chatting

-Ability to trace each user’s activity

-All kinds of limitations to implement by user-levels

-Enhanced administration and configuration

-Individual skin design and re-branding

-And MUCH more to discover!


Flashcoms community Video Messenger

It is a flash based, cross-platform solution for one-on-one on-site communication. Apart from text messaging it supports video/audio streaming, includes online games, file/image sharing, handwriting and many more features. As all Flashcoms products, Community messenger can be easily integrated with your web site users’ database and skinned to match your site look and feel.

-Supports text messaging, video/audio streaming

-Ability to exchange files, pictures and videos

-Login and DB integration

-Cross-browser solution

-Offline messaging

-Real time one-to-one communication

-Multi-skin support with skin source file available

-User-friendly and fully customizable interface

-Adjustable settings

-Fast loading Messenger speed

-Video quality settings

-Online / offline indicator

-Pop-up blocker penetration



Signing up at FlashComs






Platform: select PHP;
Domain name: insert your site domain name;
Media server: select one of the three options from the drop-down (FMS, Wowza or RED5);
RTMP address: this field will depend upon Media server option that you choose. RTMP address stands for IP or domain name of the server where FMS, Wowza or RED5 is installed.



Options for Media server:


You can either have a dedicated media server of your own, or you can use the FMS hosting service provided by FlashComs. Server details can thus be obtained from hosting provider or from FlashComs (http://www.flashcoms.com/services/hosting/).

This diagram shows the general overview of Flashcoms chat configuration:


Note: Flashcoms developers recommend installing the chat server where the media server is installed.

Note 2: Activation procedure is similar for both Community Chat and Site Messenger. Please note that they are two different products. You can order them here: http://www.flashcoms.com/products/community_video_chat/pricing/ and here: http://www.flashcoms.com/products/site_messenger/pricing/ .

After you have placed your order, member of FlashComs team will generate the package for you. In your personal cabinet Clients Area, in section ‘Downloads’ you will see the activation details, for example:


  1. Download the archive
  2. Unpack it
  3. Find files ‘admintool’, ‘preloader’ in the archive


Upload the two files into your site folder /templates/admin/chat7:


Find folder /swf and upload the contents into /chat7/swf:



In file flashcoms.js edit var projectRootUrl:

var projectRootUrl = ‘http://yoursite.com/chat7/‘;



Your site setup

In administrator panel of your website go to Modules management and make sure the A/V Chatting module is activated:


Then go to Modules management > A/V chatting module > Settings > switch on the selected FlashComs module:


Save the changes.

In the tab Modules management > A/V chatting module > FlashComs http://demo.datingpro.com/dating/admin/admin_chat7.php you will be able to log in to chat or messenger as administrator:


No other settings are required here.

Please note: when you enter your chat or messenger admin panel, default administrator login/password are admin/admin. Make sure that you change the password once you entered admin console for the first time for better security.


Why pay extra for the setup?


Every chat generates a lot of traffic (audio/video stream). It needs to be hosted on a media server, either your own (you will likely need a dedicated server) or on the server provided by Flashcoms company (FMS hosting service). It is not possible to host a chat on a shared hosting account, because the load will be too high, and there is not enough bandwidth and other characteristics on a shared hosting account.

Please view http://www.flashcoms.com/products/community_video_chat/server_requirements/ and this information:


What’ is the advantage of being hosted with you?

Going hosted solution path all application files will still reside on your website but video / audio stream will go over our FMS without bringing any extra load on your side.

More information on media servers: http://www.flashcoms.com/docs/7_0/chat7/#server_app_setup


Flashcoms Community Chat and Site Messenger as part of Audio/video chatting package are basically devices that you need to purchase extra activation packages for, from Flashcoms.

This is the reason why there is additional pricing: http://www.flashcoms.com/products/community_video_chat/pricing/
It specifies the amount of users who can simultaneously use your chat.




Please note the terms of the User agreement http://www.flashcoms.com/company/user_agreement/, in particular the paragraph that refers to product licensing:

Each Software package purchased under this Agreement is licensed for one domain name only. The license cannot be transferred to another domain. If you would like to run the Software on multiple domains you must purchase a separate license for each domain. You may not distribute copies of the Software or any accompanying written materials to others, in an altered or original state.