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Check PG Newsletter Software System Requirements:

  • PHP 4.0 – 5.2 (PHP 5 is recommended)
  • MySQL 3.23.0 or higher (MySQL 5 is recommended)
  • Firefox Browser ver. 3.5 or higher
  • MySQL extension
  • XML Support
  • ionCube PHP Loader enabled on your server
  • (for Software Basic License and Free Trial only)
  • Cronjobs/scheduler support
  • Pop up blocker in your browser should be off

Steps to install PG Newsletter Software:

1. Files Upload.

Download a zip archive with PG Newsletter Software provided after your purchase.
Unzip the files and upload them to you FTP server using any FTP client software.
Note: if you purchased Basic version of PG Newsletter Software, you should use Binary transfer mode when uploading source codes – this is a strict requirement of Zend encoded files.

2. MySQL Database Creation.

Create an empty MySQL database and add a user to this database. You can do that using your hosting control panel in a section devoted to databases management.
Database user should have all privileges to populate the database with necessary
tables and data.
Note: To be on the safe side, it’s advised to make a backup of the whole database at least once a month.

3. Start Installation Wizard.

After you are through with files upload, go to http://www.your_domain_name.com/install orhttp://www.your_domain_name.com/some_subdirectory/installin case you uploaded files into a subdirectory. You will get a step-by-step installation wizard displayed on the screen.

4. Files Permissions Setup.

Give CHMOD 777 to the folder where the script is located and to all the files and folders displayed by Installation Wizard.

5. Database and server configuration.

Step 2 requires entering Database and Server Info.
Server info will be inserted by installation wizard and you are just to check if it is correct.

6. Administrator’s Info.

The next step will ask you to enter administrator’s details.

7. Cronjobs Setup.

The next step requires Cronjobs setup.

The files that should be added to a crontab are:

/cron/cron_send.php ( responsible for sending newsletters on schedule, run every 5 minutes)

/cron/cron_check_email.php (responsible for getting messages about bounced emails, run once a day)

/cron/cron_responder.php (this file is responsible for sending autoresponders, run every hour)

8. Finish Installation.

The last step of installation wizard is to remove or rename installation wizard folder – ‘Install’ – for security reasons. Once you remove or rename the folder ‘Install’, you will get a login page of your PG Newsletter Software. 
To access PG Newsletter Software, enter login/password you indicated while installation.