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Quick search on those who are looking for roommates has the same structure as Apartment Rentals search. This is quick search to find available listings on those who provide rentals and look for a roommate, or those who are looking for smb to share a room.
Note 1: Such feature as “RSS” can be found on search page of Apartment Rentals Area. RSS will inform subscriber on new listings from the “Apartment Rentals” Area.
Note 2: Testimonials Area is devoted to individuals’ feedbacks.
Note 3: Once member logged in an additional menu becomes available that lets member organize work with listings on Apartment Rentals Area.
Note 4: Once member logged in he’ll be able to check “Viewed my profile”, “Added me into hotlist”, “Interested in me”, “Viewed profiles”, “Added into hotlist”, “Interested in them” statistics.
These statistics will be active for Apartment Rental ads only.