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Go to Admin mode> Import/Export> Export



The Export module helps to export the content of site objects in specific formats. In default site functionality .csv and .xml formats are available. Also you have an option to purchase additional module to export site objects to major listing databases. It means you will have your listings automatically submitted to Trulia, Zillow, Oodle, Vast etc.

In this section you have 3 tabs: Selections, Drivers and Install drivers.

Drivers – all available export formats (.csv, .xml, etc.).

Selections – samples/uploads, customized export formats.

Install drivers – all available drivers.


How to set export on your real estate site?


Go to the Administrator panel > Import/Export > Export > Install drivers and install drivers that you want to use on your site.



Export options are almost the same for all formats:

Step 1. Create new Selection:


Step 2. Set the selection preferences:


Step 3. Following tabs will appear after the saving: Custom fields and The selection criteria


1) In General settings you can set how to export:

in file


* File format – file name, Append date – add date stamp to the file name, When to export – export schedule (manual or automatically on exact date or periodically)

or in browser:


* Append date – add date stamp to the file name

Fill in all the mandatory fields and press “Save”.

2) Custom fields – fields which are included in the uploaded file.



Field in export – field in the file (located in driver preferences for .csv and .xml)

Field in database – field in the database of the product

3) Selection criteria – is a filter for the exported data.



How to export listings with URL’s?


This option can be set for .CSV и .XML formats only:

Step 1. Go to Drivers settings:



Step 2. Add new field:



Step 3. In “Custom fields” section set connections between the added field and fields in the database: