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Admin mode

Users’ list can be sorted by nickname, email, registration date, group name, number of videos and friends.


Administrator has full permissions to manage site members – add new and edit existing profiles, send message to a member or several members, activate/deactivate and remove profiles.


Add nicknames in a semicolon to send 1 message to several members:


User mode

AllShareVideo supports 2 types of registration:

1) Standard – only email is required. CAPTCHA protects site from bots.


The system doesn’t create any profile untill email address is confirmed. After email confirmation a user can start filling in the profile.

2) Open ID


No confirmation is required when a user registers with the help of an Open ID. If a user logs into the website and specifies standard login details, he will be able to login in either of 2 ways later on.

User profile includes the following:
– Profile form
– Subscription to site email alerts
– Virtual account options
– Group permissions
– Account removal


AllShareVideo is a video community software. The following communication tools are included:

– Mailbox.

The system alerts a member about new and unread messages:


All message are stored in Inbox, Outbox and Ignored. Inbox messages are divided into Personal, Shared video, Friend invites, Channel alerts and messages from Administrator.


– Address book lists member friends, subscribers and ignored users.