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This section allows managing News section at your site: add, edit, delete news items.


Press “Add” to add news item. In a pop up window you should insert News headline and body. You can format news text with the help of WISIWIG editor and press Add button.


If you don’t want to show your news item at a site, deactivate checkbox in Status field when adding or editing the item. When you add news, its status is set to active by default.
Press “Back” to get back to the list of all news items added. After you press “Add” news will be shown in your news list at your portal site and in admin mode.
To edit the news item, just click news name-link in a news list. In a new page insert updated data and press “Save” button. To delete a news item, press “Delete”. Press “Back” to get back to the list of all news items added.

Also, to delete a news item, you can use “Delete” button to the right from like of this item in a general list of news.
With the help of a special panel in a top right corner you can specify the number of news you want to show you news list in administration mode. There might be a list of 5, 10, 25 or 50 news items at a page.