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This section allows you manage RSS channels you have set in your site: add, edit and delete channels.


To add a new channel, press button “Add RSS feed”. In a new window insert your Feed link data and Max number of news items from your feed to be displayed and press “Add” button. If you don’t want your RSS channel to be displayed at a site for now, take away a tick in “Status” field when adding or editing news item.
When you add RSS channel an active status is set by default. To get back to the list of news, press “Back” button. Your news item will be displayed in a general list after you press “Add”.


Click channel name in a general list to edit it. In a new window please insert necessary changes and press “Save” button. Press “Delete” to delete a channel. You can back to the main list by pressing “Back” button.


Also you can use “delete” button to delete a channel which is located to the right of the channel name in a general list of channels.
Use “Renew Feed” button to renew news in channels. When you press this button, all news feeds channels will be refreshed.