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This is the section where you can see the list of your newsletters, edit them or remove. Once you’ve created a newsletter you will be familiar with the ‘edit’ section of managing a newsletter as it is the same page that you saw when creating the email campaign.
To manage a newsletter click on the ‘Manage Newsletters’ link on the ‘Newsletters’ tab in the navigation menu. All available newsletters will be listed on the Manage Newsletters page.

From here you can view, send, edit, delete newsletters or add them to newsletters archive.
View: The view link allows you to preview the newsletter content in both HTML and text format. When you click the ‘view’ link, a new window will pop up.
Send: This will start sending the selected newsletter. Choose the mailing or target list you want to send your newsletter to. Finally, click the “Continue” button to send the email campaign to your subscribers.
Edit: This will lead you to the page for editing your newsletter. This page is the same as the create newsletter page.
Delete: To delete a newsletter, simply click on the delete button. A confirmation popup will appear to make sure that you wish to delete the newsletter.
Test: This button is used for sending a test newsletter. Just click ‘Test’ button of the chosen newsletter, to test it. Test email address is set in the section ‘Settings’ > ‘General Settings’. To start actual sending, click ‘Send’ button.