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1. Functionality

1.1. Function

The module helps site admin and users to import objects in a certain format. The formats of import are defined by drivers and managed by administrator.

The driver is a collection of settings:

  • Structure of file elements;
  • File type (extension);
  • Additional settings.

Prepare the file with data in the required format and upload it to the site. After the file is uploaded, match the fields in the file and fields provided by the module. The data is saved into the database, and, as soon it is enabled, it becomes available for import. Depending on the driver settings, these processes can go together.

The import module must provide the following callback methods:

  • A method that provides a list of fields for import (name and type);
  • A method that carries out the import of data.

1.2. Admin mode

Two lists are available for site admin: import formats and selections.

An import format contains name, status, link to details. Admin can enable or disable it.

A selection contains driver name, object name, status, date of import and actions (upload and import a file, or delete the uploaded data).

It is necessary to match the fields of object with the fields of imported data to import the uploaded data.

1.3. User mode

No user mode.

1.4. Related modules

The module uses the functionality of the following related modules:

  • menu — menu in admin panel;
  • ausers — permissions of moderators;

1.5. Functionality related to other modules

No functionality related to other modules.

1.6. Specific functionality

No specific functionality.

2. Implementation

2.1. API

The module API class (Api_import) does not contain any methods.