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Queries are sent via http with the help of GET method.

The status of http reply, equal to 200, means a success. The status, equal to 403, means that the access is denied.

For each query a key is stated, which you can view in the account settings by the following link: http://saveflash.com/profile

The list of methods is described here: http://ec2-50-16-2-22.compute-1.amazonaws.com/saveflash/api/help.php


An example of a method usage:


The method sends an array with the list of files.

Substitute values instead of parameters:

url – Videohosting URL

key – API key



The method adds a file to be processed. You need to get the information about the video first, then you will need to call this method with the image and the title from the previous call. Or you can indicate your own values to these parameters.

key – API key
url – Videopage address
image – Image address
title – title
format – format of the type “container!resolution!device” http://start.pilotgroup.mobi/search?q=http://vimeo.com/36470597