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Manage autoresponders is the section where you can view details about autoresponders you already created. Click Autoresponders in the navigation bar, then click Manage Autoresponders. This screen will display a list of mailing lists, the number of subscribers belonging to the mailing list, and the number of autoresponders associated with each list. Select a mailing list and click Next>>

You will get a list of autoresponders of the selected mailing list:

Here you can:
Create an autoresponder: click this to begin defining a new autoresponder for this mailing list
Delete the selected autoresponder(s): remove the autoresponder (or autoresponders). Note: The autoresponder cannot be retrieved.
Activate/deactivate an autoresponder: when activated, an autoresponder will be sent to contacts at the specified time; when deactivated, an autoresponder will not be sent to subscribers. To activate or deactivate an autoresponder, please click the icon in the column Status of the necessary autoresponder.
View: preview the autoresponder.
Edit: apply changes to autoresponder settings and content.
Delete: remove the autoresponder.