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– Save Flash allows to store flash-animations: flash games, flash cards, flash banners and cartoons.

– The files you save have to be non-complex (Save Flash cannot save a file that either consists of several parts or pulls another flash. However, you may try and save each flash component separately.)

– We targeted at the most popular resources when developing this program, so the files from the following resources are 100% saveable:


There are resources that strongly protect their intellectual property, so some of other sites may not allow to save files.

– When Save Flash finds a Flash animation on the web page you browse, the Save Flash icon changes its color from white to blue.

– When you roll the mouse over the flash file on the site, a pop-up button and menu appear in the top left corner.

– Save Flash saves flash files in the folder you can select when saving. The default location is C:Users#USER_NAME#Docu­mentsMY_FLASH