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What’s new?

  1. Social networking module (core). Sharing tools for your job site. We have made integration with Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. Now your site users will be able to share resumes and vacancies in most popular social networks. You can also use Bitly integration to shorten, share and track links.
  2. SMS notification module (add on). Now you can let your users get SMS notifications from your site and charge them for each SMS they get. You will need to create an account with Clickatell.com and buy SMS credits package, after this your site users and you will be able to subscribe for SMS alerts.
  3. Import/Export users, vacancies, resumes. Now you can import your site users, vacancies and resumes into an xml file, choosing fields you need. It can be useful if you want to transfer them to other resources or back them up for future needs.
  4. RTL languages support. You can now translate your site to right-to-left languages and user part content will be oriented automatically from right to left.
  5. Video resume. Seekers will now be able add their video resume by embedding codes from popular video hosting sites. Employers will be able to view video resume in a separate tab.
  6. New search options.-Radius search. We have imported zip codes database and made search more advanced with zip code and radius search options. If your country is not in the list, you can still use radius search, system will count from the city you select_.-Search by date_. Now you can choose vacancies and resumes posted within certain period so you don’t get outdated offers.
  7. New options for resume and vacancy viewing pages. Job Seekers can now send a vacancy to a friend and print it and employers can view similar resumes, send it to a friend and print it as well.
  8. We have improved Banners, Countries, and Mode of site operation sections and fixed all the reported bugs.

Instructions on update from MAY_2011 to SEP_2011:

1. Back up your site files and database
2. Copy new Job Site Pro files and update files(/application folder you get from an archive) to site root.
3. Run an installation like yoursitename.com/install/
4. Make an installation. While the installation database of your MAY_2011 version will update to new SEP_2011 version.
5. Install modules.They will be updated during the installation as well.
6. Transfer uploads folder from your backup to new version.