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During update, system will overwrite site database and source code. Your site settings will be saved.

Any design and functional changes will NOT be saved!

It’s recommended to back up site database and source code before starting the update.


1. Contact us

Contact us to receive an appropriate archive.

2. Extract the files

Extract the files and upload them into the root of your job site. Your site files will be overwritten.


3. Run .sql file

Open ‘structure_update.sql’ file and copy its contents. Now open your site MySQL database, choose your job site database, open “SQL” tab paste the file contents and Run the queries.


Note: If your prefix is not ”pg_” you should change “pg_” to your prefix in ‘structure_update.sql’ file:


4. Update your site

Access your site administration panel > go to “Modules installation” section. Access is locked – find login and password in application/config/install.php file.

When you are in, go to “Panel settings” and fill in your FTP host, user and password. Save the changes.

Go to “Enable product updates” section and update the site.

5. Update site color theme

If you created your own site color scheme, it’s necessary to update it manually. Go to Interface > Themes > click to view color schemes > click to edit your active color scheme > press “Save” without doing any changes in the color scheme.

That’s it!

Should there be any questions, feel free to leave a comment.