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The most important part of your campaign is the email you will send to your mailing list.

Let’s now look at how to create a simple email campaign by choosing a professionally predesigned
email template from those included in the system.

In “Newsletters” section” click “Create Newsletter” button.

Complete the form. Type in a subject line for your email campaign: this is the text subscribers will see when they look at the emails in their inbox, so make it short and to the point. Choose “HTML” for the format. In this example we will create a basic HTML-only email campaign with graphics and formatted text. Finally, choose one of the professionally pre-designed templates. Click on the template to preview it.

Click “Continue to Step 2” when you’re done.
When the next page loads, you will see the newsletter editor. You can enter your newsletter content here.

Under the email editor you will see a link ‘Tags of Personalization’. To insert the value of a personalization field in your email campaign just click the necessary field.

When the email is sent, these values will be replaced with real values from your subscriber mailing list. For example, %BASIC:EMAIL% might be replaced with user1@somesite.com and %BASIC:FIRSTNAME% might be replaced with John.
There you can also choose to insert unsubscribe and ‘tell a friend’ links into your newsletter with your custom text put on these links.
After you are through with your newsletter content, you will need to enter its settings:

  • enter newsletter priority
  • choose whether attachments will be used in the newsletter. To add an attachment, select a necessary file or files listed. To add another file, you will need to upload it in the section ‘Attachments’
  • choose newsletter recipients: mailing list or target list of subscribers
  • specify subscribers type: confirmed their subscription, unconfirmed or both.

On the same page you can check your newsletter for spam keywords. To do that, click ‘Check your email for spam keywords’. If there are spam words detected, the system will list them and will advise to replace these words. List of spam words used for this check can be modified in the section “Settings” > “Spam words list”.
Here you can also check how your newsletter will be displayed in common email clients. To do that, click ‘View your email in different email programs’. This will open a popup window with your newsletter displayed in different newsletter programs with the advice on newsletter structure.