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This section is for managing text pages at your site.
You can view a list of text pages created by you. Check if your pages are active with “Status” field in a table: «+» – means page is visible at a site, «-» – a page is not visible at a site. Please use arrows to the left to move pages order up and down.
Click page name in a general list to edit its name or contents. In a new window, just edit the necessary information and press “Save” to save changes. Use “Delete” button to delete a page. Press “Back” to get back to a list of all pages.

You can also use “Delete” button next to the page name in a main list to delete the page.
Press “Add” to add a new page. In a new page you should add the following information: Section name, Content, Meta tags. You can format page texts with the help of special editor. Press “Add” when done to save the changes. Press “back” to get back to list of all text pages created.
After you press “Add” your newly created page will be displayed in a list of pages in your admin mode and at your site for users. You can change pages display order at your site using arrows in the main pages list.
In a case you have City Portal mode ON, click the link “Edit ‘Our City’ section” to edit “Our city” page at your site. Please edit the necessary data in a new window and press “Save” to save the changes. Press “Back” to go back to the list of all text pages at your site.


Use language links at the top of the page with a list of available pages to translate the texts into other site languages. The way you create, edit and translate pages is the same you use for the pages described above.