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‘Membership and Services Fees’ is the section of administrator’s panel for managing membership groups and site paid services. When you enter the section, you get a page for paid membership packages settings:


There you can see a table with paid membership packages created. To add a new paid membership package enter period for membership, set cost and click ‘Add’ button. To remove a package, click ‘Remove’ against necessary package.
To move to paid services management section, click ‘Paid services’ at the top of the page. You will be forwarded to a page with Paid Services settings:


This area allows you to modify settings for payments among members, paid services (lift up service, slide-show, leader of the region), bonus system and pay per listing system.
Option – ‘payments among members’. The option was created in case one member would like to add find to another member’s account. For example, a friend could add funds to his friend’s account that undergoes financial difficulties or his credit card does not work with the payment systems available.
Administrator can get revenue from these operations, setting commission rate for such operations:


Featuring a listing. There are a few paid services available to feature a listing: slide-show, lift up service and leader of the region.
Lift up service allows site members to lift their listings up in search results. Administrator can set cost for such service:


Slide-show service allows site members to create slide-shows for their listings from listing photos.
Administrator can set cost for the service and its duration:


Leader of the region – An ad becomes “Leader of the region” if ad owner pays amount greater than preceding leader. You can set a period for charging for this service so that your site members could outbid current leader. For example, every minute a leader will be charged 1 USD.

Bonus system. You can provide your site members with bonus for filling in an ad by means of this service. Set the number of unique member’s ads, filling which members will get bonus. Add amount for correlations “percentage of filling – bonus amount”:


‘Pay per ad’ option. You can enable this option to charge members for posting ads for lease. Add number of ads and cost for posting them: