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Banners list

Here is a list of site banners.


Press “Add new banner” button to add a new banner. You can add image or html banners.

The following banner places are supported:

  • Top (728×90);
  • View listing (430×150);
  • Left (234×60).

Each banner place has a certain list of available groups of pages.

If you choose an image based banner, add a link and alt text, limit number of clicks and views, choose expiration date if necessary.


If you choose an HTML based banner, add banner HTML code.


Save the changes.

Click “View statistics” icon to view banner stats. Banner stats is updated daily. You can update stats manually by pressing “Update ststistics” button.



These are groups of pages. You can edit pages available in a group and banner group price.

Click “Group pages” link to edit group pages.


On the left side is a list of group pages, on the right side is a drop-down menu with site modules. Each module has a number of pages that may have banners.

Choose a module and you willl see its pages. Each page can be used in a group only once.



Here is a list of available banner places. You can see them when adding a new banner.

Use “Add new place” if you are going to create a new banner place. It’ll be necessary to add banner place Gid to a template file manually.

Click “Edit” to edit banner place properties.


You can edit banner place name, size, rotation time (use “0” to disable rotation), number of banners in rotation, group of users who will be able to add that type of banner and groups of pages.

Note: Your should disable rotation if you are going to use JavaScript code. JavaScript based banners can’t be rotated.