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PG Matchmaking Pro software is a turnkey multilingual web-based software to start online matchmaking business with your own matchmaking site.

Matchmaking Pro is a perfect solution for professional matchmakers, online dating agencies, and independent match bureaus to start a convenient, practical, and attractive site in a matter of hours. No special knowledge needed. It is developed to make work of a matchmaker as simple as ever. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional. With easy-to-learn and intuitive matchmaking script you can make your first step faster in online marriage business.

Now we see a strong tendency that Professional matchmakers get online applications to have their online offices and invite more people to use their service.

Basically the software they would use should have several important options:
1) extended profile applications
2) possibility to print our profiles of users for offline activities
3) possibility to check registrations, add users from back end of the site.

All these features are also available at our Matchmaking Software. And we are open for your suggestions on how to make it better.