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1. Mobile friendly websites – ways of going mobile


There are different ways for a business to go online nowadays:

– responsive design;

– mobile version;

– mobile applications.


Each solution has its pros and cons. And it depends on your business goals which one is best for you.


Check this great article for more information:



2. Mobile friendly PG Real Estate – how it works


PG Real Estate supports both mobile version and mobile applications.



Mobile version


Being essential part of the standard functionality of a real estate site, the mobile version comes with the real estate script package. It does not cost extra.

If you own a real estate site built on PG Real Estate, mobile version is a fast and easy way to establish mobile presence.

No separate installation is required. Site main settings (categories, types of operation, colors, etc.) synchronize with the mobile version.


Mobile applications for iOS and Android


There are different approaches to building a mobile application:

– native apps;

– web apps;

– hybrid apps.


Check these online presentations for more details:




PG Real Estate offers hybrid applications built with the help of Bootstrap front-end framework, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.



The mobile applications are PAID add-ons:

  • Mobile application for iOS (phones and tablets) – $199
  • Mobile application for Android (phones and tablets) – $199



These packages are encrypted. The number of publications corresponds to the number of purchased applications.


3. Self-development vs. turnkey application


Reasons for using a turnkey application:

– cost-effective;

– high speed of development;

– knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS is enough to tailor the applications to specific requirements.

If you feel the need to modify our mobile applications, we are glad to present our special offer:

  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android with Open Code – $799



This package is open for modifications. The number of publications is unlimited. However, we help to publish only one application for every store (Apple and Google).

We cannot guarantee successful publication of customiseded application.


Technical documentation is currently available in Russian and English languages.


4. How to try the applications


Demos of the mobile applications are available on App store and Google Play.






Your comments and rating will help the applications get better!


5. How to start using the applications


1) Place your order at http://realtysoft.pro/realestate/pricing.php


2) Create accounts on iOS Dev Center and Google Play

iOS Dev Center

Register or login with your App ID at https://developer.apple.com/register/index.action and join iOS developer program (paid membership). The procedure is necessary to be able to upload applications and distribute them.

Google Play

Register or login at https://play.google.com/apps/publish/signup/ and go through developer console steps.


3) Send us the following details so that we could compile an application for your real estate site:

– site url;

– site name;

– logotype.


4) Publication of the applications. You can publish them yourself (we will provide you with the appropriate files) or send us access details to your accounts on iOS Dev Center and Google Play.


Note: Android applications are usually approved on Google Play within a day. iOS applications approval may take up to 1-2 weeks.