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This application allows you to quickly subscribe a group of emails from an existing list.
Choose ‘Import Subscribers’ from the navigation menu under the ‘Subscribers’ section.

To start, you will need to export your subscriber list from your other mailing program. You should export your subscriber list into a CSV (comma separated value) file. A CSV file will contain a list of your subscribers’ details in a line-by-line format.
Subscribers’ data is indicated per line further, for example:
To import subscribers from a file, click the “Import Subscribers” button. This will start the “Import Subscribers” wizard. Choose the mailing list you want to import subscribers to, enter delimiter used in the imported file, choose whether the imported file contains headers, and then choose the CSV file from your computer.
Once your file is loaded, you will be able to map the fields in the imported file with fields in PG Newsletter Software mailing list. The text on the left of the screen displays the fields in the imported file. Select the mailing list field to which each field should map. Once you are through, click ‘Import’.