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We are happy to announce the new release of PG Social Networking solution.

We have completely changed the look and feel of the user panel. There are 3 design themes for Corporate, Business and Community niches, revamped to match the new style.

Social Networking 2013.3 includes:

– Video chat – integrated solution by CometChat;
– Calls through website (provided by Twilio);
– Updated contacts importer (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.);
– Updated Games module with monetization option.
This is the list of the features that you may also find appealing in Social Networking software:

1) Site members can post photos, audios, videos, and graffiti to guestbooks;
2) There is a recent activity wall that you can switch on and off from administrator panel;
3) Privacy settings will help site members protect their personal life and feel secure on the website;
4) Virtual currency will let you as site owner create your own specific currency and profit from currency exchange rates;
5) Site users can be encouraged to be more active on the site with a set of bonuses;
6) Friends circle and friends chain;
7) Three multimedia content galleries (photo, audio, video);
8) You can switch on the Private network mode and close random registrations;
9) With the ‘Dating’ module it is possible to add a block of personal information into members’ profiles (height, weight, preferences) – editable answers and answer options;
10) Virtual gifts that can be accepted or declined and shown on user’s homepage.

Along with the above, we have done the following:

1) Extended access levels with friends of user’s friends;
2) Remodeled photos storage;
3) Old messages are deleted from the site mailbox once the limit is reached;
4) Changes in profile pages layout;
5) Improved logics of SMTP authorization;
6) And 60+ other improvements and adjustments to the code and design.

And good news for our customers: Privileged update offer

It is a general rule that our customers are entitled to receive free update packages only within 12 months after initial purchase. With the new Social Networking 2013 we have decided to extend the rule. Those of you who have purchased Social Networking script in July 2011 or later can receive the new version for free. Please contact us for more details.

Let us know if you are missing any improvements or new functionality!
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