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Administrator can add any language he/she wants. :

1. At the bottom of the page you will see a line where you can add Language name, Encoding and Charset.

2. After you add your language, English language file will be copied and all you will need to do is to translate it right at Admin area, to your required language. It is done in Site Settings Management> Languages> your added language> Edit selected langfile and Edit Alerts Language file and at Reference Lists> your added language.

3. You should also translate some images kept at your ftp server in templates imagesyour added language. It is possible to make changes to the language choosing language and clicking “Edit selected langfile”. Make changes only to the words within commas: “”.

Attention: Changes in language files don’t affect graphics containing texts. Note 1: If you don’t check any language in “Visible Languages”, your site guests or members will have access to Default language only. To maintain Multilanguage interface system uses language files which you can set yourself by choosing necessary language and pressing “Edit selected langfile”. Make changes in the pop-up window and press “Save changes”. Press “Close window” if you don’t want to save changes. Note 2: When adding a language that requires special encoding, be sure to specify it in “charset” field. For Spanish language windows charset is better. Some languages like Arabic need special work to make text display backwords.

Special cases

1. How to enable cyrillic support in MatchMaking script. There may be a case when messaging system, any account information, gratitudes etc. — all theese fields becomes full of question marks when you try to input text in Russian.

There might be 2 reasons for it:
1) The encoding for the files is UTF 8 and you need to edit the language file from admin mode, then save. The encoding shouldn’t be broken then.

2) The server has another encoding setting win1250 and the encoding for UTF 8 is broken. So in this case please contact your hosting company and ask to change encoding for your account into UTF – 8