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This manual will take you in PG Events software administration panel and guide you to its functionality and settings.

You can access administration panel at www.yourdomain.com/admin address (where ‘yourdomain.com’ is your site domain name) with Email and Password previously entered as admin info during installation.

Administration panel home page will open, as shown bellow, your site stats and PG Events software knowledgebase forum.

Most important data is tracked by the system and displayed as a summary:

  • Users (total number of users, active, inactive, unverified and subscribed to events);
  • Activity within latest 24 hours (new user registrations and new event subscribers);
  • Payments (all processed and awaiting approval);
  • Events (total number of events, upcoming, past, hot and top). You can change number of displayed events by simply editing default entry in the box. The changes will be saved right after removing cursor from the box.

We recommend editing the following parameters to start with:

1. Administrator name and access to administration panel. Go to Users management > Users section and edit Admin user profile details.

2. Site name and copyright. Go to Content management > Languages > Search section, search for “PG Events” and edit default entries.

3. Site logo. Upload your own logo to /application/views/default_theme/css_gray_blue/img/logo.gif. Default logo size is 254×57.

4. Site default meta tags. Edit default title, keywords and description for each site language interface in Main settings > Meta tags.

5. Email settings in Site settings management > Email settings.

6. Enable cron job module. User notifications are sent out with its help – event reminder, events weekly, news notification, saved search updates.

Go to your hosting account control panel, find “Cronjob” tab and add a command line:
wget -q -O/dev/null http://www.domain.com/cronjob/index.php

“Domain.com” is your site domain name.
Cron file should be run once a day not to spam your site users!

7. Remove events which come with the product in Events > Events list section.

8. Remove categories which come with the product in Events > Events categories section.

9. Install countries in Content management > Countries > Change countries list.

Administrator has full permissions to manage site events, users, payments, banners, other content and settings. Let’s go through each management section on by one.